I Love Internet


Tenant Association need a spot/place/forum where their members, and others who want to, can share their opinion about the future of housing related topics. Honest, unfiltered feedback from members and non-members on the areas that reflect the Tenants’ Association’s internal change.

After formulating a communication concept and solid strategy, we created a campaign website called Hyrestankar.se. It acts as a bulletin board where members and non-members get to view their opinions on topics regarding rents, housing, social, environment etc. During the course of the campaign we got an astounding response rate of over 10 per cent. The campaign has increased the Tenants Association’s understanding of members’ thoughts, needs and desires regarding housing in the near and far future.

“I Love Internet makes reason for its name. Add great knowledge of the Net’s capabilities and limitations. ILI’s great understanding of customer needs, strategic insight and ability for creative problem solving is something we value highly as clients. ILI are also very meticulous, keeps the schedule and delivery is safe.”

– Jan Ferlin, Communication Manager at Hyresgästföreningen