I Love Internet

Peab Bostad


Peab Bostad sells newly constructed condominiums and they needed assistance with which direction to take their digital approach in the coming years.


ILI and team started with analyzing material and statistics about Peab Bostad and their web presence. This lead to a thorough benchmarking of market and competitors. This was added as a starting point for strategy and concept to shape Peabbostad.se for the future. ILI also helped Peab Bostad with technical and web editing support during a 18 months period.


Digital Director:
Patrick Gustavsson (I Love Internet)

Brand strategists:
Malin Jureit (Malin & Co)
Martin Nordlinder (Spirit Kommunikation)
Jan Ferlin (Spirit Kommunikation)

Coming soon…

– Florence Davaine, Marketing Director at Peab Bostad