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There are over 3 billion Internet users out there. Where are you?


Branding + business
+ tech solutions.
All digital.

ILI helps you to build your brand, increase your sales
nd be relevant on the Internet.
All integrated with technology in an elegant way.

Can you afford missing
out on the potential?

The truth is that you have to be relevant in the digital world in this day and age – your future clients demand of you to be anywhere, anytime. Always online.

The Internet waits for no one. Be adaptable.

Changes on the Internet happen incredibly quick. ILI works with an incremental iteration project approach, which makes you stay in sync with the (r)evolution on the Internet.

Teamwork makes
the dream work.

The most inspiring way of working together is together. Projects are more fun and efficient when working in close relationship between us and you.

Quality of an agency,
value of a consultant.

ILI has an amazing team. All are stars in their respective fields of expertise. A combination of their thorough skills and experience, equals a flexible and valued full-service offering.


Taking care of business
on the Internet
is my business

Tailored full-service packages buys you expertise, experience and execution.

We are usually asked
to do the following…

Improvement. You need help with caring for and improving your digital presence and services.

Expertise. You need the helping hand from specialist consultants for custom missions.

Packages. You need the flexibility of full-service; e.g. branding, web development and marketing.

ILI's Services


Project management

An experienced project manager is crucial in implement a digital project according to plan. It is the anchor that makes sure things get done, the way they should be done and on time.


Analysis & Strategy

By applying strategy first, and creative work thereafter, we make sure that focus is on the essential details and in the correct order. Making it happen.


Communication & UX

Get to know your potential clients and uncover their motivations, needs and behaviors. These discoveries pave way for empathic insight and interaction.


Architecture & Coding

Optimal technical solutions are made with detailed guidelines, agile management and a skillful development team. Built for flexibility, longevity and compatibility.

ILI + Team


Specialist skills

When you need a specialist, or a whole team, working by your side to maximize the results.


Graphic design & UI

Design is what users judge instantly. So we put attention to every detail – from concept to headline.


Copy & Media

The king online. A headline can say more than a thousand words and a video more than a website.


Marketing, SEO & Social

Reach out, attract and meet your target audiences by using the channels that benefit you the most.


Tech & Maintenance

Like all software, digital solutions needs maintenance to work properly and in optimal condition.


Help & Education

When the project is done, you get to learn how to use the results in the most effective way possible.


Everyone loves what
they are good at.

From startups to corporations, ILI has worked with excellent people creating excellent results.


Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.

Happen. The answer to why small companies can take on large projects.

ILI + Happen

Happen is not like other communication agencies, it is a platform for consulting specialists where we share both office space and a fundamental approach to communication.

Together we offer most of what a client needs, from communication strategies into finished productions. We help our clients with platforms, creative concepts, communication campaigns, websites and other digital solutions.

Since we ourselves are business owners, we have a great understanding of our clients’ businesses. We are equally concerned about our own brands as others. And yours.

With the Happen platform, we take all kinds of tasks – large and small, and with different specializations. And since we have many different competencies, we can adjust the work group after what the mission requires. You meet only the ones you need, when you need it. This is more cost effective for you.

– Communication that makes things happen.

Patrick Gustavsson

Still loving the Web
– 20 years later.

Patrick Gustavsson – Digital Director and founder

I am Patrick Gustavsson and I discovered the fantastic universe called the Internet over 20 years ago. As a young teenager with thirst for everything that was digital. And it was love at first site.

The limitless potential and endless possibilities to reach out to and influence millions of people gave birth to my fascination for the web. Since that time, I have gone through an amazing journey which has involved a gazillion hours of work time, hundreds of web projects and successful cooperation with countless of people and businesses.

My first web related job was in 1998, when Ericsson Business Networks (at that time one of the world’s largest mobile communication companies) asked me to help them develop their intranet. That led me to working as a web editor at IDG – International Data Group (the world’s number one publisher of IT related content), and later as a project manager at Multisoft Consulting (a successful startup consulting company in Sweden) that develops tailor-made business systems.

My entrepreneurial path began in 2005 when I started my first digital business. I am now leading my third and current company since 2013 and the future looks bright and exciting indeed.

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Plan the work and
work the plan.

Developing digital products is not unlike constructing a building. Infrastructures must be in place to support systems. Plans are created that allow various teams to guide and coordinate activities to present the desired finished product in a timely fashion. Together it synergizes in a progressive and thoughtful platform.

  • Analysis

    Facts Material Compilation
  • Strategy

    Communication Business UX
  • Solution architecture

    Structure Mockup Specification
  • Content

    Copy Photo Video Audio
  • Design

    Graphic design Typography UI
  • Development

    System Programming Testing
  • Education

    Document IRL Video


Quality assurance Launch Optimization


Do you love the Internet too?

Our HQ is located at Happen on Södermalm in Stockholm.
A generous, serious and inspiring environment. Welcome!

Our Services

  • Project management
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Communication & UX
  • Architecture & Coding
  • Specialist skills
  • Graphic design & UI
  • Copy & Media
  • Marketing, SEO & Social
  • Tech & Maintenance
  • Help & Education

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